Alastair Hill: Mindset Expert & Hypnotherapist

Hi, I'm Alastair Hill, I'm a Mindset Expert and Hypnotherapist and I specialise in helping individuals with anxiety, fears, self-doubt, anger and PTSD-symptoms.

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My Personal Journey

I was and still am my first successful client. Like many people in my profession, I got into it because I was struggling and turned my life around.

I don't really know exactly when or how my issues really began. Maybe it was because of the divorce of my parents and the lack of male role models in my life, maybe it was due to personality traits of mine, maybe it was other unpleasant experiences ... either way I seemed to be someone quite susceptible to anxiety from an early age. 

At age 12 I began smoking cannabis to fit in with a group of friends and this really sent me into a spiral. Drugs ultimately made me very paranoid and when I decided to stop at 17 I had spun my head out so much I was suffering from endless feelings of overwhelm, chronic anxiety, panic and paranoia. 

Unfortunately stopping smoking was not the end of my distress. My situation got progressively worse over the next 5 years as it became clearer that my anxiety and paranoia had become part of my ordinary thinking. 

I went through some pretty dark times in those 5 years not knowing what to do or what was really wrong with me. I was very confused for a lot of the time.

The turning point came one day aged 23 sitting alone at home on a Saturday night for another evening feeling too anxious and paranoid to socialise, my mind too hectic to read or watch a film, when out of the blue I had a realisation ...

A new thought ...

It said ...

“Nothing is as bad as doing nothing”.

That thought changed my life.

I had been letting my life be controlled by fear and that thought jolted me into action. 

I still felt terrified and paranoid, but a fire had been lit that pushed and pushed me. I knew I just had to start getting out of my comfort zone.

That's when my journey into the job I'm doing now began. I tried anything that I thought sounded helpful. I started learning about hypnosis, NLP, positive psychology and other kinds of psychological therapies and approaches that might offer me something.

I pushed myself socially to meet people and learn new social skills. I started going to improvised acting classes to help me learn to think on my feet and eventually tried my had at stand-up comedy. I retrained to teach English as a foreign language and lived abroad for many years working as a teacher. I trained as a hypnotherapist with the Quest Institute and attended many therapy and coaching courses. I also practiced lots of practical psychology skills, like learning how to use hypnosis with people and learning how to structure and run coaching and therapy sessions. I also learned how to meditate and explore my own mind through focus and concentration and have spent thousands of hours practicing meditation techniques.

Whilst doing all this I discovered a passion and natural talent for helping people with the skills and knowledge I'd learned.  It's my calling.  I love helping people and I strive to be the best at what I do. I have been fortunate enough to pick up several world-class mentors in this line of work and I endlessly try to figure out how to improve my effectiveness and skills.

I find myself today transformed. I'm happily married and living in the UK, I see private clients at home and over video calls and I've gotten very experienced working with military veterans with a charity I work for called Rock2Recovery helping veterans with PTSD and other issues. Happy days!

Rock2Recovery & Charity Work

In March 2018 I began working for the Community Interest Company Rock2Recovery (R2R). R2R provide coaching sessions for former and currently serving members of the British military and their families.

The aim of R2R is to teach people psychological skills that enable them to better handle and often eliminate psychological stresses from their lives. I have now worked with hundreds of individuals through R2R, many of whom have picked up PTSD, generalised anxiety and depression diagnoses. 

Much of my skill in helping individuals has been honed during my time with Rock2Recovery and I have a wealth of expertise in this area. If you have a link to the British military, then visit to find out more information. 

I am one of a team of coaches with high-levels of expertise in helping people to lower their symptoms of stress and we have worked with many people who have had limited success with other approaches and helped them to find huge benefits in their lives.

My Training Background & Experience

I began learning about hypnosis, NLP and helping people change in 2008 and have attended many tranings since then. Here are some of the trainings that have influenced me the most:

  • The Psychological Illusion Model to Changework with Jorgen Rasmussen
  • Tripp-MacArthur Changework Skills Training with James Tripp and Andy MacArthur
  • Clean Language Training with Judy Rees
  • 10-Month Diploma in Cognitive Hypnotherapy with The Quest Institute
  • 11-Month Healer's Clinic Training with Dr Bill Pettit and Dr Linda Pettit
  • Systemic Trance with Stephen Gilligan
  • Buteyko Breathing Training with Patrick McKeown
  • The Trilby Connection (Impromptu Hypnosis Training) with Anthony Jacquin
  • Provocative Changeworks with Nick Kemp
  • Ideodynamic Therapy with Norman Vaughton
  • Clean Language with Norman Vaughton

As well the above I have also been coached and mentored by several world class coaches and hypnotherapists including Jorgen Rasmussen, James Tripp, Judy Rees and Michael Perez.