Sessions & Fees

Sessions & Fees

My pricing is designed to create the best chances of you walking away from your coaching and hypnotherapy sessions ​​with the most value. You will be investing in yourself.

All new clients commit to a block of 3 sessions paid up front.

This creates commitment, a sense of process and an expectation of a potential end point to our work together. This really helps to focus the work we do and get good results.

After 3 sessions, most clients I work with have made enough progress...

and no longer need to work with me - for example, their fear or anxiety is greatly reduced or no longer there. Other clients choose to do more sessions after the initial 3.

Everything discussed is confidential.

Sessions last approximately 90 minutes, though I leave time for them to run longer if necessary.

​3​ x 90-minute sessions


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I'm happy to answer any questions you have about working with me or the services I offer.

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