Sessions & Fees

Sessions & Fees

Most clients I work with have a significant improvement in their issue after the first one or two sessions.

Change does not need to be hard and nor does it need to take a long time.  Sessions are based around creating fast and lasting results using an approach that has been developed over many years.

Sessions are tailored to you.

The beginning of each session is spent gathering information.  We will then do exercises specifically aimed at creating a natural and lasting change in your situation.

How to get the best results and the most out of our time together.

The clients that get the best results are always those that come in willing to engage, they take on board new ideas, and genuinely try out new ways of looking at things. 

"Do I need to believe it for it to work?"

No, it is absolutely fine to come in sceptical or with doubts that it will work.  All that is needed is that you are willing to listen and engage with the session.

Everything discussed is confidential.

Additionally, the way that I work does not involve asking lots of questions about a person's upbringing or personal history. There is no need for us to "go into the past" to get a solution.

Session last 90 to 120 minutes

Typically sessions last 90 minutes, however please leave time for sessions to run longer if necessary. There is no difference in price if we run on for the extra 30 minutes. 

 Price per session:


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I'm happy to answer any questions you have about working with me or the services I offer.

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