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Alastair helped me to see myself more clearly and put my feet on the ground. He helped to find out what I really want and how to focus working towards my goals. He showed me the importance of practice, made me see my assets and the need to hone my skills and get confident in using them. He approached both deep and practical issues in a direct and motivating style. Should you wish to find more clarity in your personal or professional life, I can warmly recommend Alastair’s skills and warm support.
Pirjo Outi Mikkola
Pirjo Outi Mikkola
15:41 24 Apr 18
Thank you for offering a phenomenal service! After one session with Alastair I was able to live a significantly less stressed life.During my session with Alastair I was able to resolve matters of stress and anxiety (his approach and positive energy during the session made my experience a valuable one). The mind exercises given by Alastair were very efficient and allow one to change perspective and perceive life differently.I would definitely recommend his service to anyone who are in need of a highly skilled cognitive hypnotherapist.
Waldo Oberholzer
Waldo Oberholzer
12:28 27 Mar 18
Alastair has played a huge role in helping me develop my self-confidence. We discussed various practical strategies that I could use, and after only a few sessions I was able to see a huge difference in myself. Since then I haven't looked back and things have been going really well. It's clear that Alastair cares massively about the people he works with and we still keep in contact to this day. Thanks again Alastair for always being there for me.
Sam Webb
Sam Webb
16:26 16 Apr 18
Alastair is kind, thoughtful and knowledgeable. He helped me with my insomnia by teaching me some useful techniques but also helped me to question my entire outlook/perspective. We had some really interesting conversations and going to him was also good fun. Highly recommended. 🙂
10:55 11 Mar 18
Used Alistair to help my 10 year old with anxiety and extreme shyness. At the risk of sounding overly congratulatory after one session I now have a supremely confident little boy who has continued to use the simple tools and techniques Alistair gave him.Thoroughly recommend Alistair to anyone.
Matt Purser
Matt Purser
17:16 11 Apr 18
What Alastair did for me a few years ago has been of tremendous help ever since. His method was down to earth and accessible, yet it helped solve problems I thought I'd have to live with for life.More importantly it made me interested in psychology, learn to help myself, and continue on a life-long journey with strength and confidence.
Minkus Nguyen
Minkus Nguyen
09:13 08 Mar 18
Ali is a great coach in a sense that he makes me feel really comfortable sharing my experience. He makes it a more enjoyable journey going down the memory lane, digging into my darkest/forgotten places to find out the root causes of some of my current problems.Through his subtle but effective techniques, he helped me understand that I can't analyze things to well-being; I can't be happy through worrying about things; I can't be present if I keep thinking about what is the appropriate way to be present. He helped me have the outsider perspective of my own life and see it in a different light.And above all, he helped me get back the ability to breathe normally.He is a great coach without any doubt and I highly recommend him without any reservation.Thank you a lot Alastair!
Minh Thi Pham
Minh Thi Pham
14:43 27 Jul 18
I had three sessions with Alastair earlier this year, mainly to try to tackle my flying phobia, which has unfortunately become more prevalent in recent years. I was probably slightly sceptical about how he could help and what he would do, but over the three sessions, Alastair taught me some invaluable techniques for dealing with anxiety in general - which can actually be applied across a wide range of situations in life! Without going into too much detail, probably the most incredible thing was the way he takes you back into your past to help you get in touch with the 'you' of many years ago! A really amazing experience and one which helped me considerably. Overall, I would have no hesitation in recommending Alastair whole-heartedly, whether you are looking for some life coaching or need help overcoming a fear or phobia. Thanks, Alastair.
Dave Washer
Dave Washer
09:34 06 Aug 18
Met Alastair through one of his courses, went back for a a 1-1 session to improve organisation skills and reduce my crastination patterns taken from school and academic work in my youth, which still was causing problems in later life.Amazing results, I've seen a massive difference in my life and work patterns, a new positive outlook which has been life changing.Highly recommend his methods and outstanding knowledge. A real genuine person and professional.
glen forder
glen forder
22:46 24 Aug 18
Alastair has helped me with upper back pain which started about 15 years ago. At that time I went to see an osteopath who I felt made it worse. Alastair used a fairly simple but effective technique and as a result, my negative feelings have gone towards the osteopath and so has the upper back pain which is amazing!
Nicki Brant
Nicki Brant
17:00 26 Aug 18
If you want to take a step back from your current reality and discover new ways of being and doing, then go and see Al... Thoughtful, creative, intuitive and with such lovely energy. I can't rate Al highly enough and I'd encourage anyone ready for change to work with him. He's very gifted at what he does, widely read and very experienced, yet modest and down to earth.
Angela Milburn
Angela Milburn
17:22 01 Nov 18
I went to see Alastair as I was struggling with a lot of things in my life including addiction, severe anxiety and depression. He has helped me far more than I ever expected. His methods are creative, productive and often fun! I have gone from being incredibly isolated and fearful, to becoming confident and in control of my thoughts, working towards a much brighter future.
Emma Shaw
Emma Shaw
15:29 23 Nov 18
Alastair trained me recently in hypnosis skills, and I was blown away by his innovative, creative style. He's really at the cutting edge and in choosing to work with him, you will get a very skilled practitioner.
Claire McGowan
Claire McGowan
21:51 25 Nov 18
After just three online sessions with Al, a chronic physical health condition that had dogged me for 16 years, having a major impact on my quality of life and career, suddenly became no more than a minor inconvenience. Not only that, but the nightmares that I had endured several times a week for most of my life suddenly stopped occurring, seemingly without any effort on our part. The unexpected benefits continue to play out, having an ongoing impact on my outlook and experience of living.I highly recommend Al, particularly if, like me, you have consulted every kind of psychotherapist and doctor, yet have stubborn issues that continue to get in your way. Al’s work takes the form of gentle and thoughtful enquiry, where he invites your mind and body to reveal its inner wisdom. He is not afraid to pause the session while he takes stock and considers the best way to proceed. To me, this reveals a considerable maturity and humility at work.Can’t thank you enough, Al.
Helen Bradley
Helen Bradley
15:35 15 Mar 19

Alastair navigated me through major obstacles rooted at body dysmorphia. I gained a different method of analyzing memories and emotions which have been the impetus to feeling anxiety free in front of mirrors, shopping, and when going out.

I would highly recommend Alastair to anyone who is going through a difficult time or looking for a new approach to self improvement. His methods break your old thought patterns, offer a new perspective, and are very adaptable.

Erika Louise

Alastair was a fantastic support to overcome my fear of spiders. After the first session working with different techniques I already felt a big change in my behaviour towards spiders. After working with him a second time I stopped thinking about spiders in daily life and I would even go so far as to say that I have lost my fear! Spiders don't bother me anymore. For me it has been a great success and I can highly recommend Alastair's work.

Sophia Clee

I can personally vouch for Alastair after trying his sessions. He is very professional and a great guy to work with. He helped me give up smoking and I definitely recommend him. Give it a try people, it can work for you too.

Sean Cogill

Alastair has been a great help to me, I had demons in my past that he helped me first to confront and then put behind me and move on with my life. I now no longer feel ruled by past issues, thank you Alastair, I hope you continue to help others as you have helped me.

Janet McArdle

I had the pleasure of receiving some very beneficial help from Alastair. I had a strong aversion to anything injury related (trypophobia). But am pleased to say that I no longer despair at the sight of blood. It has been a great success, I can't thank him enough.

Cody Gibson 

The work done with Alastair has brought me numerous benefits, and most importantly a new outlook on life. Apart from specific results - which were considerable, the biggest impact has been the revelation that your whole mental landscape can change for the better, the most deep-rooted issues can be dealt with given the right method, and changes can happen a lot faster than you might imagine. This optimism in itself has been a great source of strength and resilience, and the foundation for much further self-help.

Minh Nguyen

I've quite smoking now for about 5 months largely thanks to Alastair's helpful advice, techniques and encouragement. I thoroughly recommend giving him a go if you want to kick any bad habits yourself.

Sam Burne

I can happily recommend Alastair to anyone giving up smoking. Al gave me some very practical techniques which made quitting so much easier. He's very easy to talk to and, if one method doesn't work, he's got about a million others. Also, for anyone who hasn't tried hypnosis before - it's fun and relaxing, and generally very interesting.

Dara O'Foghlu 

Ru ​Petrovic

​Miipa Helaine

Al, I must thank you very much for your guidance.  It's given me great comfort to conquer my fear of snakes and it's also helped with other stressors that don't need to be in my head. You are very passionate about what your work and that was a key ingredient in helping me to get over my own mind. Also, you helped me to see what matters now and what mattered then, which gives me great support for the future ahead.

Whether you are teaching or working in person, you have a great gift and it runs through your passion to help others. I held my first snake in Thailand five days ago and I used what you taught me and I am grateful for that. (picture below)


Ellis Kantrowitz

​Cody Gibson

​Silvia C


Diane Wagner

Alastair helped me to control negative emotions and to feel more comfortable in challenging situations. He is enthusiastic, well informed, and always focused on providing practical help. I recommend his services to anyone wishing to make progress dealing with behaviour they wish to change.

Matthew Noble

I met with Alastair in desperation after suffering chronic back pain for 5 years. After medical professionals telling me nothing could be done, I hoped he could teach me some techniques for managing the pain psychologically. Instead we worked to treat the pain as a stress response in my body. It was an approach I never would have considered without Alastair and thanks to his understanding, sensitivity and diligence I've achieved results better than I ever hoped for. I am now pain free - able to exercise, to sleep, to drive, to sit - all without discomfort. My quality of life has vastly improved. I can't thank Alastair enough for what he's achieved for me. I highly recommend him to anyone who needs a helping hand.

A. Harrison

I came to stop smoking and we did so much more. I'll never thank you enough for all the progress you made me do. All the best!

Artemis W. 

Alastair is an approachable and friendly therapist who is genuinely motivated by the desire to help. He really helped me when I was struggling with a few things, particularly insomnia. I'd recommend him to anyone who is struggling with a problem they can't manage alone, but also to anyone who is interested in exploring the nature of their own mind and expanding their perspective. Not only did my insomnia improve, but I learnt a lot at the same time!

Anni Bell-Miller

I have had the pleasure of been coached by Alastair over a few months now, and have been highly impressed by Alastair's knowledge and approach. Alastair is able to create a focused and accepting environment in which I have been able to find a greater calm and acceptance in my life, as well as being able to see notable differences I have with myself and others. It has been a positive experience which I am grateful for.

John Prescott 

Alastair helped me with some deep-rooted issues, some relating to things which happened in my past. He has used a variety of techniques and a wide school of knowledge to help me through things. I have learned a lot and value his help as a professional therapist/coach.

Ally Muir

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